Doe Uft Agreement

I appreciate your patience and perseverance when it is imposed these first difficult weeks of the school year. Today we have reached an agreement with the Department of Education, which resolves outstanding issues that, for many of you, have been a legitimate source of frustration. The only way to upset teachers is the UFT agreement. (There is no way to target those who have unsubscribed. Remember that the city is a short teacher and not all new employees are UFT members until they have completed all their papers – usually the first week or two of work.) But I think there`s something painful to come. Mulgrew can accept a two-week teacher furlough if schools close again for two weeks or even a month to save the city from financial disaster. Cuomo must really consider leaving deBlasio before doing even more damage. The SBO language is the biggest deal of this agreement. Who has really heard of a union negotiating the addition of language to create a contract modification process on a subject as central as class size? Increasing the size of the class is not the answer.

It is not even necessary. What is needed is for Deblassio-Carranza to take their heads out of dark places and accept that there are not enough teachers capable of working in a mixed way. Start informing those who wanted to have mixed that they need to be removed. I bet there are a lot of them at this point that would change voluntarily. If that leaves us a little too short with the teachers, then you start to stop the 3K and even the pre-K. The focus should be on K and more. Seriously, 3K never existed a few years ago. His ego is all it stops. Now we`re moving on to Mulgrew.

The fact that Mulgrew does not have everything I have just said is a real and very reflective error to the problem of the FTU as it exists. That he seems to think that one of the only possible ways out of this mess is to change the contractual language of class size… Well, there are really no words. There are solutions to give each student a teacher with a class size change. It`s just egos that will get in the way. The mere splitting of all the weak cl`s attempts to teach and execute class size changes will, in my opinion, lead to straight fist controllers. Maybe I`m the one throwing a few. We are pleased that the FTU and doE have reached the reasonable conclusion that teachers, paraprofits and other school staff should not risk being exposed to COVID-19 by commuting through the city and sitting with colleagues in poorly ventilated rooms to teach remotely.