Putin Erdogan Agreement

At the start of the more than six-hour Kremlin talks, the two heads of state and government stressed the need for an agreement. One of the objectives was to prevent their bilateral relations and prosperous trade from harming. You said that the agreement was a ceasefire that would come into force at midnight in Idlib, the last stronghold of the Syrian rebels. The agreement also included joint patrols of Russian and Turkish troops from a seven-mile corridor along a highway through Idlib to the east of the Mediterranean coast towards the border with Iraq. The foreign ministers of Russia and Turkey said Thursday`s agreement would include the implementation of a ceasefire from midnight along existing battle lines. The agreement also provides for the establishment of a 12-kilometre security corridor along the M4 motorway, which will be jointly patrolled by Russian and Turkish troops from 15 March. Meanwhile, Syria has insisted in recent days on the need to continue its offensive, a position that could complicate Syria`s relations with Moscow if Putin is to ensure that Thursday`s deal with Erdogan is imposed. Assad`s troops have violated the Sochi agreement several times since it was concluded in 2018. The agreement will also create a security corridor along the important M4 motorway in northern Syria, where Turkish and Russian forces will begin joint patrols from 15 March. In October, the area further east along the border was cut off by an agreement between the two leaders, with each force opening the void after Donald Trump had to withdraw U.S. forces there. According to an AFP diplomatic source, Russia requested a closed meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday to inform members of the agreement.

Thursday`s agreement raised hopes that tensions between Moscow and Ankara would ease after weeks of failed diplomacy on how to end clashes with Turkey and its allies in Syria`s last rebel stronghold against Russian-backed Syrian government forces. Putin, who stood by Erdogan after his third meeting in as many months, said the deal was the result of their close relationship.