Saft Simple Agreement For Future Tokens

We believe that the framework set out in the white paper is the best tool currently available for navigating US legislation. It does not just find successful legal structures; it tries to respect the political objectives that feed into the law. We think it can do the same for laws around the world. The SAFT project is a comprehensive effort to formalize a framework for compliant token sales in many jurisdictions. Today, most of the work has focused on U.S. regulation and finding a compliant way for fundraising token sales (normally pre-sale before the tokens are useful). We welcome – in fact, the project requires it – the contributions of participants around the world. Once the system is up and running, the tokens are distributed to investors. From this date, tokens can ideally be traded on the stock markets without restrictions. SAFT was placed as a solution to a new problem.

It aims to create a way to sell utility tokens not yet (completed). A JUICE will initiate a process to help publishers of a utility token fund their project without violating applicable rules, including securities laws. Nevertheless, utility tokens are not considered securities. SAFTs were designed as a creative way for cryptocurrency issuers to circumvent the registration requirements of U.S. securities laws. Once the system is up and running, it`s time to distribute the tokens to investors. From this date, those who participate can trade tokens on exchanges without restriction. In 2017, Kik launched an ambitious campaign to raise $100 million in capital through the private and public sale of his family.