Tg Rental Agreements

We are aware that your investment(s) are of the utmost importance to you, which is why we have easy-to-use, UK-hosted, cloud-based systems and a rental portal accessible via a PC, tablet or smartphone, which offers real-time access to the latest rental contracts, inventories and even your monthly rental invoices. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. For more than 25 years, we have been helping investors and homeowners maximize their rental income. This payment is a non-refundable payment and expires when the applicant withdraws their application, has not passed the referencing process, provides false or misleading information regarding their application or is unable to enter into the rental agreement on or before the agreed date, as stated in the rental release. If the owner resigns from the rental for a reason other than the one mentioned above, the deposit / booking fee is refunded within 7 days. Assuming the rental application is successful, these funds will be part of the first month`s rent payment. As rental agents, we need referrals through a referral agency of potential tenants, bankers and, where applicable, former landlords before accepting a rental. The owner is responsible for the real estate insurance with the owner`s household insurance. Any basic or principal rent is also the responsibility of the landlord. In the case of apartments or apartments, all maintenance/administration/service costs are the responsibility of the owner, unless otherwise stated. All applicants must be over 18 years of age and have a permanent job or, if they are not employed, be willing to provide a ready-to-reference bond or pay the full rent for the duration of the lease in addition to the agreed deposit. We can also help comply with the rules relating to owners, insurance and tax obligations and the system for non-resident owners. Below we present our service level (based on the all-inclusive level).

All properties are available for short contracts guaranteed for at least six months. Longer periods may be agreed through separate negotiations. For information on how to contact your home manager and report a problem or error, click on the button below: According to the new legislation, we cannot charge a rental fee unless the rental agreement is a rental agreement of the Housing Act, Like what. B a business lease agreement. Therefore, we advise you to visit our “Fees for tenants” page, which accurately describes the fees charged when renting a property. Once an agreement has been reached with the lessor and you are satisfied and you agree with the rental release, a document that confirms all the conditions of your proposed rental, you will have to pay a discount/booking fee to proceed with your rental request. The amount of the reservation corresponds to the cost of 1 weekly rent. An inventory is drawn up either by the owner or by an inventory agent who lists the installations and installations of the property at the same time as their condition. You must sign a condition plan that confirms that you agree with the inventory and condition comments.

This inventory is also used during check-out to assess damage or defects in accommodation. Given the appropriate wear and tear, any damage found or the necessary cleaning are charged to the outgoing tenant. It is therefore highly recommended that you carefully check the inventory and agree. Once the inventory is received, you will have 48 hours to make more comments…